Who is she?

of Regina

In 2013, 2 girls pack their lives in a suitcase, left everything they knew and bought a 1 way ticket to New York. With no plans and barely sufficient funds, we only had 1 goal in mind – to live like a local New Yorker.

We finally landed in JFK, and head to the apartment of the only person we knew in New York – Anna. This is it, we were in New York, ready to burry our faces in bowls of noodles at the infamous David Chang’s noodle bar. We were so hungry to dive ourselves in the diverse array of food, fashion and culture.

New York was so vibrant, so full of life, so opposite of where we came from. We arrived at Anna’s cozy apartment, and was welcomed with a plate of polish rosół! So much for living the #AmericanDream.


Anna knew we were clueless about our plans and wanted to help. So she gave us a phone number of a friend, and it was Regina.

Regina was a Jewish lady of Polish descent, who escaped Poland to Austria during World War II. There, she met her husband and together they moved to Brazil to start a sweater company. One of their daughters studied in NYC and took the opportunity to bring over the entire family. Regina was a kickass woman – being almost 90, sitting in her office on a swivel chair with a jumpsuit on and telling us this legendary story.

We can’t describe the great strength and power we felt from her. When we had a vision for our cocktail bar / pizza / chinese food restaurant, we knew we need to call it Regina. Eclectic, quirky, and full of character – just like her – an orthodox Jew living in Brooklyn with her jumpsuit on.

Koszykowa 1 & Mysia 3